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TeknoFilter this type jet pulse dust collectors use jet cleaning method to clean the dirty surface of bags, which allows the dust collectors to be used for continuous process application. TeknoFilter jet pulse cylindrical dust collectors  are well suited for sanitary food and drug applications, also pneumatic conveying, central vacuum cleaning and applications requiring explosion protection.
TeknoFikter cylindrical dust collector is best engineered based on different sizes of standard seal frames. Jet PUlse cylindrical dust filters are available with bag access from the top clean air chamber.
Cylindrical dust collectors have no internal moving parts and maintenance is minimal. Jet pulse cylindrical filter timer is adjustable for pulse duration and interval and can be equipped to pulse only as required. The factory assembled cylindrical dust collector includes bags, cages, instrumentation and auto drains moisture separator and pressure regulators. 

Features our cylindrical jet pulse bag filters

The options of material of construction stainless steel or carbon steel
Bag length variations are provided to accommodate required filter area
Best coatings for internal components
Best quality dust discharge equipment
Secondary filter can be fitted
Explosion-proof electrical, static grounding, fire and explosion protection can be offered
Support structure, platforms, ladders and roof rails can be standard or optional items
TeknoFilter   round jet pulse filter is a compact, high-capacity separator. It has the same cleaning system as the our other filter. This filter system is primarily used for high quantities of dust in crude gas. The round filter acts as a centrifugal separator in the lower crude gas inlet area. Its design allows it to separate large quantities of material and makes it suitable for use in 
Crude gas enters the cyclone in the lower area tangentially. The centrifugal separation method discharges the majority of the  articles via the dust collection cone. The crude gas is then diverted upwards, where it flows through the filter bags and leaves the system as clean gas.

1- Clean gas chamber
2- Manhole
3- Compressed air storage
4- Diaphragm valve
5- Clean gas outlet
6- Jet pulse cleaning air distribution pipe
7- Filter bag
8- Cyclone pre-separator
9- Dirty gas input
10- Dust collection hopper
11- Dust extraction
12- Pressure relief  
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